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Heritage Audio announces BritStrip

Heritage Audio announces BritStrip — the culmination of 50 years of analogue design in a single-space 19-inch rack device.  Heritage Audio’s BritStrip console channel strip combines a 73 mic preamplifier, an expanded 73 equalizer, and a discrete Class-A DI (Direct Input) with the acclaimed diode bridge compressor found in the European pro audio manufacturer’s multi-award-nominated Successor stereo bus compressor.  


The BritStrip begins its journey to console channel strip glory with the same preamp found in Heritage Audio’s 73JR II. Flexible features include -80dB of gain, a 20dB PAD, phase reversal, and an impedance switch for 1,200 or 300 ohm input. 


As an expanded 73 equalizer, the BritStrip’s EQ features three Vinkor pot core inductors in the MID band and H.P. (high-pass) FILTER sections. The MID band is great for sculpting a punchy snare, kick, guitars and vocals. The BritStrip’s HIGH SHELF and LOW SHELF settings have also been extended to include a bell mode, making them more versatile. 


The BritStrip also allows for compression and equalizer routing, with pre-compression EQ’ing making the compression detector more sensitive to the boosted frequencies and less sensitive to those cut, while post-compression EQ’ing makes the compression detector unresponsive to the EQ settings. 


As the culmination of 50 years of analogue design, BritStrip is surely specified to nail the sound of yesteryear’s iconic recordings for present-day demanding engineers as a British-spec discrete Class-A console channel strip with a Successor-like compressor, conveniently housed in a single-space 19-inch rack-mounting chassis that looks and feels the part.