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Analogue Solutions announces fourth run of its synth Colossus

Analogue Solutions is proud to announce a forthcoming fourth run of Colossus. Its supersized synth is more than a powerful analogue ‘workstation’ with no fewer than 12 VCOs (Voltage-Controlled Oscillators).


With design cues harking back to the dawn of analogue synthesisers and encompassing no fewer than 12 VCOs and eight VCFs (Voltage-Controlled Filters) there is much more to the colossal classic. With the Seventies-vintage Synthi 100, with the 30 or so units produced in its decade-long lifespan mainly ending up in university research departments or national broadcaster’s in-house composition studios such as The BBC Radiophonic Workshop before becoming lost in the sands of time to almost all but serious synth collectors and restorers, Analogue Solutions’ suitably-named Colossus due to its imposing dimensions, symbolises more than a powerful analogue workstation.


With 12 VCOs and eight VCFs to its name, Colossus comes complete with an oscillator range of 1-12 and each can be used as an LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator); each features four waveforms, plus pulse width, oscillator sync, and sub oscillator abilities. All are complimented by a SAMPLE AND HOLD generator, RANDOM VOLTAGE GENERATOR, and two pink/white noise generators — namely, NOISE GENERATOR 1 and NOISE GENERATOR 2.


Analogue Solutions applied some heavy-duty modifications with four low-pass 24dB transistor ladder filters featuring a ‘Moog’ style sound. All eight VCFs have serial VCAs (Voltage-Controlled Amplifiers), delivering eight combinations. The panel also houses two mechanical spring reverbs each featuring a triple spring tank; two RING MODULATORS; two voltage SLEW LIMITERS; and four envelopes with ATTACK, DECAY, SUSTAIN, and RELEASE controls, alongside hold repeat and gated repeat trig (trigger) MODE functions.


The so-called ‘scope’ panel pushes things to an even higher level, specification-wise, as it includes four VCAs in addition to those found in the filter panel, plus two LFOs in addition to those found in the oscillator panel, as well as four A S D/R envelopes.  So Colossus can be pressed into playing a total of 14 LFOs!


Colossus comes complete with touch panel, housing two touch keyboards with digital note sequencers, although analogue control readily resumes with the two JOYSTICK CONTROLLERS and six-channel STEREO AUDIO MIXER. The sequencer panel is dominated by a SERIAL 1-64 SPLIT 2x 1-32 step SEQUENCER with CLOCK generator, GLIDE, JUMP, RESET, CV OUT, GATE OUT, and other control features. Then there are two broadcast-quality CV and audio pin matrix panels — inspired in no small part by the British-built EMS VCS3, which made musical history upon its introduction in 1969 by being the first commercially portable synthesiser available anywhere in the world, thanks to its innovative modular matrix-based patchboard dispensing with the telephone exchange-like cabling of other modular systems.  


Analogue Solutions is already working on some upgrade options, which will be announced later this year and available to buy as add-ons — proof positive that this colossal synthesiser success story has clearly far from run its course!