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Hot on the heels of the i VAM2-2, Wohler releases 1U i VAM1-3 with Output Routing option

Wohler Technologies, a leading manufacturer of video, audio and data monitoring solutions, has added to their iVAM range with the release of the iVAM1-3 16 channel audio/video monitor, available for immediate shipment.  This product offers a 1U alternative to the recently released iVAM2-2, announced just last month.


Sharing the same platform, feature set and available options as its larger iVAM2-2 2U sibling, the new iVAM1-3 can monitor and meter up to 16 channels of 3G-SDI audio and video, plus 2 channels of analog audio in a compact 1U format. With 64 presets and utilizing triple touch screens, operators may toggle between video, meters, loudness measurement and menus. A HDMI output allows additional external monitoring of the currently selected video source, while analog XLR, headphone and selected 3G-SDI outputs are also included as standard.


For added flexibility, upgrade options are available on the rear panel for monitoring AES3, MADI 64 (incl a fiber option), SMPTE 2110, and SMPTE 2022-6. A rear panel option card slot offers the user the choice of upgrading with either an AoIP option card, which can accept Dante or Ravenna processing options (both offer SMPTE 2110-30 and hitless SMPTE 2022-7), or an analog option card that provides an additional 8 channels of analog inputs and outputs.


The triple 2.4” touch screen front panel utilizes mature design philosophies from previous iAM Series products, while physical front panel controls provide access to main volume, balance, and auxiliary controls to supplement touch controls. Individual audio channels may be summed, soloed or muted by touch or mechanical control, in line with functionality of previous iAM Series units (iAM MIX, iAM AUDIO, iAM VIDEO, iAM -12G-SDI).A front mounted USB port is provided for software updates to support new and emerging technologies and a network interface allows for remote management, while APIs allow for easy integration with 3rd party controllers.


Also launched this week and available for BOTH the iVAM1-3 and 2-2, is a output routing option, allowing monitored channels (via input source or via a custom preset that includes multiple input sources) to be routed in custom ways to various destination outputs.


“With the release of the iVAM1-3, combined with other recent releases of iVAM1-1, iVAM2-2 and iAM-12G-SDI, MPEG and Dolby Atmos, we are rounding out our product offerings for every possible end user requirement, need and pain point,” says Michael Kelly, President.  “Whether it is 1U or 2U, Audio over IP, MPEG, 3G or 12G-SDI, Dolby E or Dolby Atmos, Wohler is the organization to partner with in order to meet your professional monitoring needs.”