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Sound Particles Releases Brightness Panner

Sound Particles, the software company that has been changingthe paradigm of 3D audio software, is introducing another way to pan sounds with the release of a new plugin the Brightness Panner. The Plugin allows you to use brightness, pitch or MIDI notes to control their movement automatically. From traditional stereo to Ambisonics, from 5.1to binaural, this plugin is a tool creative artists will want in their collection, from music to sound design and audio post-production.


“After the success of Energy Panner, it became clear that this idea of dynamic panning (changing panning throughtime) had a lot to offer. The same way that we can use the intensity of the sound to control its position (Energy Panner), why not use other parameters like brightness or pitch to control panning too?”, says Nuno Fonseca, founder and CEO of Sound Particles.


Key features:

Brightness AnalysisThe plugin analyzes the spectrum of sounds to pan them in 3D

Pitch AnalysisThe plugin identifies the pitch of sounds to pan them in 3D

MIDI Analysis-The plugin pans soundsin 3D based on MIDI notes

Stereo, Surround, Ambisonics, Immersive and Binaural Outputs Use several output options based on virtual microphones technology

Dynamic Movement Easily set how the sounds move, from custom points, speaker positions or tospecific directions

Sidechain Use external signals to control the effect of the plugin, instead of using the track’s sound

Randomization The randomize option outputs new results each time you click it


Brightness Panner is available now through the Sound Particles store and authorized resellers for a discounted price of $39(plus applicable taxes) until April 25th, or as a bundle(with Energy Panner)for $59, and supports AAX (native), VST, VST3, AU, AUv3.


Full system requirementsand additional product informationcan be found at