Tsugi has announced the release of GameSynth 2022. The new version of the procedural sound design tool for games and animations is now even bigger, faster, and smarter.


GameSynth offers many specialized synthesizers to generate sound effects: impacts, whooshes, footsteps, engines, particle-based sounds, environmental sounds, voice effects and more. It also provides a patching environment to build sound effects synthesizers by connecting 130+ modules together.


GameSynth trademark features include the Sketch Pad to draw sounds (with support for drawing tablets), the automatic generation of sound variations, the ability to import animation curves (for perfectly synchronized sounds), the quick and easy export to game middleware, and access to an online repository hosting the largest collection of procedural audio models.


New features in GameSynth 2022:


  • 1000+ sound models of all types and styles in the repository.
  • 15 new modules in the patching environment: Horn, Parametric, Stutter, Wavefolder, Drifter etc...
  • New LFO shapes, Noise types, Formant parameters and more.
  • 8 new effect racks in Voice FX: Clipper, Comb Filter, Frequency Shifter, Limiter, Resonator, Spectral Delay, Stutter, and Tube.
  • Import of SVG drawings and new scripting functions in the Sketch Pad.
  • New audio exporters (GameMaker Studio, Audacity).
  • New animation curve importers (GameMaker Studio, Live2D).


  • New module selector to quickly add modules by type, name, status etc...
  • Partial playback to instantly check audio signals going through wires.
  • New wire context menu to speed up patching.
  • Snap wiring and automatic modules reconnection.
  • Automatic .wav rendering for different meta-parameter values.
  • Updated automatic export to game middleware (Wwise, FMOD…)


  • AI-powered perceptual map to find similar sound models.
  • Audio analysis to find sound models close to a wave file.
  • Patch search based on the modules used.
  • Improved random patch creator.
  • Variation detection in the run-time exporter


The new GameSynth 2022 is available at the introductory price of US $273 (30% off, regular price $390) until the 30th of April, or as a free update for current users. Windows only.