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SHURE ANNOUNCES SBC210LM, compact portable, standalone charging housing.

The Shure SBC210LM is a compact, portable, standalone charging housing compatible with Shure’s SBM910, SBM920, SBM910M and SBC-AX battery charging modules. 


Whether off doing location sound for a blockbuster film or in the field capturing audio for a sports broadcast, professionals across the industry require reliable, portable power for their gear. 

The SBC210LM is the perfect, compact solution for any cart or bag used for location sound and can go anywhere mobile broadcasting and wireless meet. It is also the ideal accessory for nearly all Axient® Digital users who find themselves working on-the-go, including, but not limited to, those leveraging the portable capabilities of ADX5D


Using the included mounting screws, audio professionals can simply choose the Shure charging module that matches their rechargeable batteries and install it directly into the SBC210LM. It is capable of charging batteries to 50% capacity in one and half hours and reaches full capacity in three and half hours.


The SBC210LM is available for purchase at select retailers and online. For more information on SBC210-LM, visit