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Creating the Immersive Game Environment - Foley

Hugh Waller, Audio Designer and Andrej Smoljan Senior Audio Designer at Supermassive Games talk about the role of foley when creating the immersive game environment. From creating believable characters to enveloping the player into the story we find out how they surpass player expectation through the use of procedural systems.


We are Culturally Used to Watching Stories

James Doyle Head of Audio at Molinare discusses cinematic approaches to game audio. He talks about using tricks used in film to ensure a dynamic mix to dealing with the sonic challenges that are part and parcel of creating  cinematic audio for games.


James Stant, Dialogue manager at Frontier Developments excites us with something a bit different. He discusses how he applied his audio skill sets to the creation of a constructed language and gives us an insight to Planco – the language
created for Planet Coaster.


Safe in Our World
With mental health being under the spotlight as a result of the pandemic, we speak to Rosie Taylor at Safe in Our World, a charity supporting those who work in the games industry.


Creating the Next Generation of Audio Tools

Nicolas Fournel, owner of Tsugi, tells us more about the company, the audio tools he creates and how he meets customer demand.